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IndustriÖvriga finansiella tjänster
eQ är en verksamma inom finansbranschen. Bolaget verkar som fondkommissionär och erbjuder ett brett utbud av finansiella tjänster inom corporate finance och kapitalförvaltning. Finansiella tjänster inkluderar ett utbud av strukturerade produkter, försäkringar, private-equity fonder och övriga investeringsalternativ. Investeringar återfinns runtom den globala finansmarknaden samt inom ett flertal branscher. Bolagets huvudkontor ligger i Helsingfors.


2020-10-27 Kvartalsrapport 2020-Q3
2020-08-11 Kvartalsrapport 2020-Q2
2020-04-28 Kvartalsrapport 2020-Q1
2020-03-26 Ordinarie utdelning EQV1V 0.55 EUR
2020-03-26 Bonusutdelning EQV1V 0.07 EUR
2020-03-25 Årsstämma 2019
2020-02-06 Bokslutskommuniké 2019
2019-03-26 Bonusutdelning EQV1V 0.07 EUR
2019-03-26 Ordinarie utdelning EQV1V 0.47 EUR
2019-03-25 Årsstämma 2018
2019-02-07 Bokslutskommuniké 2018
2018-10-26 Kvartalsrapport 2018-Q3
2018-07-14 Kvartalsrapport 2018-Q2
2018-04-25 Kvartalsrapport 2018-Q1
2018-03-29 Ordinarie utdelning EQV1V 0.43 EUR
2018-03-29 Bonusutdelning EQV1V 0.07 EUR
2018-03-28 Årsstämma 2017
2018-02-05 Bokslutskommuniké 2017
2017-10-27 Kvartalsrapport 2017-Q3
2017-08-09 Kvartalsrapport 2017-Q2
2017-04-28 Kvartalsrapport 2017-Q1
2017-03-30 Bonusutdelning EQV1V 0.15 EUR
2017-03-30 Ordinarie utdelning EQV1V 0.35 EUR
2017-03-29 Årsstämma 2016
2017-02-03 Bokslutskommuniké 2016
2016-11-03 Kvartalsrapport 2016-Q3
2016-08-03 Kvartalsrapport 2016-Q2
2016-05-03 Kvartalsrapport 2016-Q1
2016-03-31 Bonusutdelning EQV1V 0.20 EUR
2016-03-31 Ordinarie utdelning EQV1V 0.30 EUR
2016-03-30 Årsstämma 2015
2016-02-11 Bokslutskommuniké 2015
2015-11-05 Kvartalsrapport 2015-Q3
2015-08-13 Kvartalsrapport 2015-Q2
2015-05-07 Kvartalsrapport 2015-Q1
2015-03-26 Bonusutdelning EQV1V 0.30 EUR
2015-03-26 Ordinarie utdelning EQV1V 0.20 EUR
2015-03-25 Årsstämma 2014
2015-02-12 Bokslutskommuniké 2014
2014-03-28 Ordinarie utdelning
2013-03-27 Ordinarie utdelning
2012-03-14 Ordinarie utdelning
2011-03-11 Ordinarie utdelning
2010-04-15 Ordinarie utdelning
2009-04-02 Ordinarie utdelning
2008-03-14 Ordinarie utdelning
2007-03-29 Ordinarie utdelning
2006-03-15 Ordinarie utdelning
2005-03-16 Ordinarie utdelning
2004-03-17 Ordinarie utdelning
2003-03-11 Ordinarie utdelning
2002-02-18 Ordinarie utdelning
2001-02-09 Ordinarie utdelning
2020-03-25 19:30:00


25 March 2020, at 8.30 p.m.


eQ Plc’s annual general meeting, held on Wednesday 25 March 2020 in Helsinki (“AGM”), decided upon the following:

Confirmation of the financial statements

eQ Plc’s AGM confirmed the financial statement of the company, which included the group financial statements, the report by the Board of Directors and the auditor’s report for the financial year 2019.

Decision in respect of the result shown on the balance sheet and distribution of the assets from the invested unrestricted equity fund

The AGM confirmed the proposal by the Board of Directors that a dividend of EUR 0.55 per share and a return of capital of EUR 0.07 per share be paid from the invested unrestricted equity fund. The dividend and return of capital shall be paid to shareholders who on the record date for the payment, 27 March 2020, are recorded in the shareholders register held by Euroclear Finland Ltd. The dividend and return of capital shall be paid on 3 April 2020.

Discharge from liability to the Board of Directors and Managing Director

The AGM decided to grant discharge from liability to the Board of Directors and the Managing Director.

Remuneration Policy for governing bodies

The Annual General Meeting decided to adopt the Remuneration Policy for the governing bodies.

The number of Board members, appointment of Board members and the remuneration of the members of the Board

According to the decision of the AGM, five Board members, being Nicolas Berner, Georg Ehrnrooth, Timo Kokkila, Lotta Kopra and Tomas von Rettig were re-elected as members to the Board of Directors. The term of office of the Board members ends at the close of the next Annual General Meeting. The AGM decided that the members of the Board would receive remuneration as follows: the chairman of the Board will receive 4,000 Euros and the Board members will receive 2,500 Euros per month. In addition, a compensation of 500 euros per meeting will be paid for all the Board members for each attended Board meeting and travel and lodging costs will be compensated in accordance with the company’s expense policy. The Board appointed Georg Ehrnrooth as chairman of the Board in its meeting held immediately after the AGM.

Auditors and auditors’ compensation

The AGM decided to elect Authorised Public Accountants KPMG Oy Ab as auditor of the company. The auditor with main responsibility, named by KPMG Oy Ab is Marcus Tötterman, APA. It was decided to compensate the auditor according to the auditor's invoice approved by the eQ Plc.

Authorising the Board of Directors to decide on the issuance of shares as well as the issuance of special rights entitling to shares

The AGM authorised the Board of Directors to decide on a share issue or share issues and/or the issuance of special rights entitling to shares referred to in Chapter 10 Section 1 of the Companies Act, comprising a maximum total of 3,500,000 new shares. The amount of the authorisation corresponds to approximately 9.14 per cent of all shares in the Company.

The authorisation is to be used in order to finance or carry out potential acquisitions or other business transactions, to strengthen the balance sheet and the financial position of the Company, to fulfill Company’s incentive schemes or to any other purposes decided by the Board. Based on the authorization, the Board decides on all other matters related to the issuance of shares and special rights entitling to shares referred to in Chapter 10 Section 1 of the Companies Act, including the recipients of the shares or the special rights entitling to shares and the amount of the consideration to be paid. Therefore, based on the authorisation, shares or special rights entitling to shares may also be issued directed i.e. in deviation of the shareholders pre-emptive rights as described in the Companies Act. A share issue may also be executed without payment in accordance with the preconditions set out in the Companies Act.

The authorisation cancels all previous authorisations to decide on the issuance of shares as well as the issuance of special rights entitling to shares and is effective until the next Annual General Meeting, however no more than 18 months.

Helsinki, 25 March 2020

eQ Plc


Additional information: Janne Larma, CEO, tel. +358 9 6817 8920

Distribution: Nasdaq Helsinki, www.eQ.fi


eQ Group is a Finnish group of companies specialising in asset management and corporate finance business. eQ Asset Management offers a wide range of asset management services (including private equity funds and real estate asset management) for institutions and individuals. The assets managed by the Group total approximately EUR 11.7 billion. Advium Corporate Finance, which is part of the Group, offers services related to mergers and acquisitions, real estate transactions and equity capital markets.

More information about the Group is available on our website at www.eQ.fi.