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Hofseth BioCare är ett norskt bolag verksamma inom bioteknik. Bolaget utvecklar diverse högkvalitativt protein- och kalciumpulver, samt laxolja. Genom användandet av patenterad teknik kan bolaget i tidigt stadium utvinna ämnen för produktion. Produkterna levereras i form av kosttillskott och säljs via hälsobutiker. Bolaget grundades 2009 och har sitt huvudkontor i Ålesund.
2022-10-17 09:24:41

The study, published in prestigious peer-reviewed journal Biomolecules by MDPI, was conducted through a collaboration between Hofseth BioCare (HBC) and Stanford University School of Medicine. It aimed to further investigate the gastro-intestinal (GI)-protective properties of the bioactive peptides contained in salmon-derived ProGo®. The preclinical study found that the soluble protein hydrolysate (SPH) powder,  produced by HBC’s unique enzymatic protein hydrolysis process, helps restore a healthy balance within the gut immune system and markedly improve gut health in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

The bioactive peptides in SPH significantly reduced colon tissue injury in the acute colitis animal model by alleviating inflammatory cell infiltrates and oxidative stress, an underlying driver of many digestive diseases. This points to ProGo® as having a potential immunomodulatory action through the upregulation of protective, antioxidant gene pathways including HMOX1.

Prior research undertaken by HBC and Stanford also demonstrated that gene systems which protect the GI tract against oxidative stress and inflammation are upregulated in human GI cells exposed to SPH. This latest discovery bolsters ProGo®’s position as a fresh, effective innovation and presents a prime opportunity for nutraceutical manufacturers looking to disrupt the gut health and immunity markets.

The peptides that constitute ProGo® are proven to not only deliver nutritional benefits, such as collagen for skin health, but also a myriad of important health benefits, including antioxidant effects to support gut health and immunity and to sustain overall health,” said Dr Crawford Currie, Head of Medical R&D at Hofseth BioCare. “This latest Stanford University study underpins ProGo®’s reputation as a patented product possessing properties, claims and health benefits unique to the market. Further clinical studies are in the pipeline to explore the efficacy of ProGo® as a functional and targeted tool in IBD management and we look forward to discovering the full potential of this truly transformative innovation.”

The study adds to the growing bank of evidence demonstrating ProGo® is a pure and proven product. The ingredient was recently acknowledged as a ‘New Dietary Ingredient’ (NDI) and secured seven new structure function claims from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These natural collagen peptides can now also claim to help “reduce wrinkles and promote skin smoothness”, “help with dry skin” and “support skin health and appearance”. Furthermore,  the evidence of the peptides’ bioactivity can also now claim to “act and an antioxidant”, “reduce oxidative stress caused by free radicals” and as well as promoting energy and sustaining overall health and wellbeing.

To read the full scientific study, click here, or contact the Hofseth BioCare team: Hofseth BioCare | Research and development

About Hofseth BioCare:

HBC is a Norwegian consumer and pet health ingredient supplier and an incubator for new drug leads. Research is ongoing to identify the individual elements within its ingredients that modulate inflammation and the immune response with pre-clinical studies in multiple clinics and university research labs in several countries. Lead clinical and pre-clinical candidates are focused on developing an oral pharmaceutical lead program to treat inflammatory disease driven by eosinophils.  Clinical trial work to ameliorate lung inflammation in eosinophilic asthma and COPD ("smokers lung") is planned and trial work assessing immune health support is completing in COVID. Other leads are focused on the protection of the Gastro-Intestinal (GI) system against inflammation (including ulcerative colitis and the orphan condition necrotising enterocolitis) and using peptide fractions of salmon protein hydrolysate (SPH also known as 'ProGo') as a Medical Food to help treat age- related Sarcopenia, and as a treatment for Iron Deficiency Anemia. 

The company is founded on the core values of sustainability, optimal utilization of natural resources and full traceability. Through an innovative hydrolysis technology, HBC can preserve the quality of lipids, proteins and calcium from fresh salmon off-cuts. Hofseth BioCare's headquarters are in Ålesund, Norway with branches in Oslo, London, Zürich, Chicago, Palo Alto and Tokyo. 

For further information on HBC, please contact:  
Dr. Crawford Currie, Head of Medical R&D 

This information is considered to be inside information pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation and is subject to the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act. The stock exchange announcement was published by Jon Olav Ødegård, CEO of Hofseth BioCare ASA, at the date and time as set out above.