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Pöyry är ett finskt konsult- och ingenjörsbolag. Affärsverksamheten är inriktad mot olika managementtjänster samt tjänster som berör tekniska frågor och projektledning. En stor del av verksamheten består av strategisk rådgivning i projekt som berör infrastrukturprojekt, samt diverse projekt inom energi- och skogsindustrin. Pöyry är rådgivare genom hela värdekedjan, från initierande till avslut. Bolaget har verksamhet på global nivå med huvudkontor i Vantaa.


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PÖYRY PLC   Press Release 15 May 2019 17:30pm CET

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has awarded Pöyry with the Lender’s Engineering services assignment for a complete technical due diligence, follow up of construction and monitoring operational activities on the 30MWp Zhangiz Solar PV plant which will be located in the East Kazakhstan region.

The government of Kazakhstan is increasingly encouraging the development of renewable power sources in order to diversify the country’s energy resources and lower carbon emissions. To support Kazakhstan’s path towards a more sustainable energy mix, the EBRD is financing the Zhangiz Solar LLP for the development, construction and operation of the 30 MWp PV plant. Zhangiz Solar is fully owned by Mistral PTE, which is part of the Chinese company, Universal Energy Co. Ltd.

Pöyry acts as Lender's Technical Advisor for the EBRD to provide Technical Due Diligence including the technical analysis of the environment and infrastructure of the PV plant site, risk assessment, review of pre-existing documents and advice during the negotiation of financing documents and for the period leading up to signature of the loan agreements and the financial close. In addition, Pöyry will follow up the construction activities through specific site visits and the performance of the plant during the operation for the following 2 years after Commercial Operation Date.

Pöyry has been selected due to the strong competence of its solar team and solid track record in this sector for more than 10 years, delivering more than 250 projects worldwide. Poyry’s global office network ensured close cooperation with all involved stakeholders thanks to the connected efforts of Pöyry experts in various offices in Europe, Kazakhstan and China.

“We are proud to be the EBRD's selected advisors in this Solar PV project. By executing this project using our combined international resources, we're able to provide the EBRD with the best engineering solutions and technological knowledge" says Alessio Giuffra, Managing Director of Pöyry Italy, Energy Business Group. "We look forward to continuing our important role in sustaining the EBRD investment plan, and in general the world transition to renewable energy”.

Additional information:

Alessio Giuffra
Managing Director, Thermal & Renewable
Pöyry Italy S.r.l.
Tel.   +39 010 2910 562

Did you know?

  • Pöyry has performed as Technical Advisor in more than 1,900 MW of Solar PV plants globally
  • Pöyry has delivered more than 140 Technical Due Diligence in Solar PV Technology
  • Pöyry has 1100 engineers specialised in Renewable projects


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